Whale Release & Strandings


Ice Entrapments



What you should do:

Record the number of entrapped whales (live, dead) and the environmental conditions.

Encourage others who wish to help to call the strandings hotline at:  



Rescuing and responding to ice entrapments is dangerous and should be left to people who are experienced in dealing with such events. 

Entrapments of cetaceans by pack ice is a common occurrence in bays and coves around the island of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The highest number of incidents are reported during March and April. During these months, heavy pack ice moves south from Labrador to the north and east of the island of Newfoundland and into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Large whales, dolphins and porpoises have become entrapped between the shoreline and the icefield when wind pushes the ice and encloses embayments between headlands. Cetaceans get forced into increasingly shallow water, where they strand.